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According to latest surveys, 90% of all independent businesses fail whereas 95% of all franchisees succeed.

The importance of English as a global language at this crucial stage in India’s dynamic development phase has, therefore, become more than ever mandatory .

Industry is looking forward to the people who are good in: 1. Communication (English Lanaguage and other aspects of communication) ** ** 2. Interpersonal Skills ** 3. Attitude ** 4. Time and stress Management

V Win's courses are designed to cover all the aspects of the Industrial requirements. This is why, while Spoken English or English Speaking is integral part of V Win's courses, they also cover the other very important aspects like developing good attitude, motivation, communication and time stress management skills.
Some of the unique benefits you get with V Win

1.Advanced methods of studies
Audio Visual Support : To ensure ease of teaching as well as learning indeginous concepts to avoid thinking in Hindi

2.Award winner institute for “Best Personality Development Institute" from Times Research.     

3.Award winner institute for “Best Personality  Development Institute" from Big Brands Research.

4.An 11 years old , ISO 9001 certified institute. We have trained appox 10000+ students till now.

5. Training pattern is similar to the trainings of corporate world it incorporates 4 way development i.e. speaking, Reading and understanding, listening, writing . It also works towards making an individual a better employee, entrepreneur, housewife or student.

6. Award Winner Institute for Outstanding Achievement in English and Personality Development  in Delhi NCR         

Join the Winners and be the part of Success..!! Together We Win !!

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